Advantages of Accidental car insurance - THE BIGGEST AUTOSPORT PLATFORM IN INDONESIA

An accidental damage cover car insurance help cover the cost of repairing damage to your car or property after an accident. Injuries included in the cove include; loss of a limb, paralysis, a broken limb, or lacerations. It usually takes care of expenses that your medical plan doesn’t cover. Accidental coverage car insurance is essential as it provides the insured with a one-time sum to cater for medical expenses and hospital bills. It’s designed to work as a supplemental plan in conjunction with a regular health insurance plan rather than replacing it. There are, however, some exclusions under the individual personal accident policy. Some of those exclusions include; intentional injury, injuries from a civil or foreign war, claims that arise from past illnesses, claims from childbirth, and related issues and problems arising from the influence of drugs and alcohol. You must always get your cover from reputable car insurance companies. Online review sites will help you identify reputable car companies. This article points out some of the benefits one can get from having a personal accident insurance cover.

Covers Permanent total disability
Permanent total disability refers to when an accident renders one entirely disabled for their entire life due to injuries sustained from the accident. In other words, the injuries sustained completely prevent the insured party from attending to their businesses or occupation for which they are suited for by education, training, or experience. Examples include loss of eyesight, paralysis, and loss of limbs covered under personal accident cover. Generally, the compensation varies from one company to another. Most companies pay 100% compensation, while others offer higher compensation than 100% of the insured annual income. Permanent total disability policy benefits apply to everyone who is wholly or permanently unable to work, while those who are partially disabled can receive partial disability benefits.

Medical benefits
Medical expenses coverage is part of an auto insurance premium policy that helps pay for your medical expenses and your passengers’ if you are both injured in a car accident regardless of who caused the accident. The medical cover applies to various costs such as x-rays, visits to a doctor or hospital, all deductibles from health insurance, co-pays for surgeries, ambulance services, emergency medical technician fees, nursing care, rehabilitation expenses, and medical equipment such as prostheses. The medical coverage takes effect whether the driver is considered to be at fault for the accident or not.

The insurance coverage also extends to pedestrians who might have been injured in the event of an accident.

Covers Temporary total disability
Temporary total disability is one of the areas covered under the accidental policy. It covers an injury that has caused someone to be unable to perform a function completely. Depending on the insurance you buy, some insurance policies last for the duration of the period you can’t work, meaning it could reach the age of retirement while some only last for a year or less. The amount of the benefit is usually a fixed percentage of the holder’s average wage. 

Covers Accidental death and dismemberment
Accidental death and dismemberment are part of accidental car coverage that covers death caused as a result of an accident. It also pays if the insured loses a limb or a function such as hearing, sight, or speech in an accident. Basically, the beneficiaries you name on your premium will receive a lump-sum payment if you die in an accident. Otherwise, you can receive living benefits if you are injured, and the amount you receive depends on the type of injury. The premium would pay half of the coverage amount you purchase if you lose part of a body part, for instance, a hand, a foot, or sight in one eye.

On the other hand, the insured receives 100% coverage if they lose an entire body function. The amount of coverage you would get depends on limits set by the insurer. This policy only covers death and injuries from accidents at work, home, or while traveling- not natural causes, illnesses, strokes, or heart attacks. 

In addition, if your death results while traveling on public transportation, including an airplane, train, or bus, then the coverage would be double or triple the amount of your base coverage. For the premium to cover you, death from an accident doesn’t have to be instant but usually needs to happen within a certain time frame, for instance, within a few months.

In conclusion, with the highlighted coverage, you would be able to have your life and that of your loved ones insured in the event of an accident.