Common Web Hosting Problems and Their Solutions

Web Hosting Problems You May Encounter

Whether you are in a technical or creative space, an online presence has become a necessity in order to gain business. This creates an increasing reliance on a webpage running smoothly. It not only helps you gain more audience, it also helps you rank better on Google and eventually helps your business grow. 

Thus, knowing about all the common problems with web hosting in India and how to solve them can make a lot of difference. Read more so you can make an informed decision while choosing hosting plans.

Common Web Hosting Problems With Their Solutions

  • Downtime and Server Errors 

Downtime or server errors can seem frustrating and result in revenue loss. However common this issue may be, it affects businesses significantly, and thus, it is important to learn how to solve this to avoid incurring losses. 

  • Solution: 

The easiest way to avoid this problem is to partner with the best web hosting company that provides a high amount of uptime. Also, ensure that they have a support team in place that can monitor server uptimes and actively look into server issues. 

Additionally, to minimise the downtime further, the service provider should also provide a backup server or have a plan in place for similar situations. 

  • Slow Loading 

Slow loading of websites can be a result of multiple factors like heavy images or files, inadequate resources, or outdated website software. Whatever the reason, slow loading of websites can also make your potential clients bounce off of your website, ruining your Google ranking. 

  • Solution:

If you come across such a situation, contact your web hosting support team, who can troubleshoot such web hosting issues. They may suggest optimising file sizes, implementing caching mechanisms, or even upgrading your web hosting plan.

  • Poor Website Security 

In order to get more clients in a short period of time, some web hosting providers falsely claim to offer good-grade security. This can result in your website being exposed to hackers and cyber thefts. 

  • Solution:

Only a reliable provider can offer you an authentic security solution and a team that supports you to maintain it. The team may offer assistance with installing firewalls, SSL certificate installation, early malware detection, etc. 

  • Cost of Web Hosting Services 

The price range of these services varies greatly depending on their offerings. Some offer hosting for free, while others charge a hefty price. The free deals can tempt you to accept the offer, whereas the excessively costly deals may result in over-promised false claims. 

  • Solution: 

To not fall into the trap of a cheap deal, ensure that you are fully aware of the services they provide. Check for what these companies want in return like advertisement spaces, and also ensure that they are providing enough bandwidth and an option to upgrade the hosting plan. 


Web hosting services can help you take your business to the next level. However, all websites often come across some common web hosting problems, which need to be addressed to ensure the smooth running of your business. These problems can be dealt with ease with the right support of your service provider and will ease your path towards your business goals.

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Maximizing the benefits of a ccTLD


Exploring the Benefits of ccTLD Domain Names -

It is usual practice to refer to these domains as Country Code Top Level Domains, or ccTLDs for short. For example, the domain.UK represents the United Kingdom, and the domain.IT represents Italy. Your website’s traffic may be localised with their assistance, and your search engine rankings can be improved as a consequence. However, if you choose this course of action, there are a number of concerns that you will need to take into consideration. 

It is necessary for search engines to have an understanding of both your website and your company in order for them to provide more organic search traffic to your website. You will be rewarded by the search engines if you provide them with all of the information and signs that indicate that your website is located in a certain country. 

Let’s take a look at the ways in which you may assist search engines and optimise the traffic that your website receives by utilising ccTLDs. 

A Different Kind of Domain Name 

Initially, you will need to make a decision on the principal domain name that you will ultimately use. 

For instance, it could be a good idea to register both the.CO.UK and.UK domain names for your organisation and then use a 301 Permanent Redirect to redirect one of the domain names to the other. There are more domains, such as.COM, that you might wish to register in order to safeguard your brand and the name of your firm. Utilising a.COM domain for your primary website is something you should consider doing if you plan on expanding your business or offering your goods or services in the United States or other countries. There is still the possibility of using the nation-specific ccTLD domain names in each country; however, it is more convenient to possess the domain name now rather than to attempt to obtain it in the future. 

Choose one domain name, commit to using it, and redirect the other(s) to your primary domain name. This is the best course of action given the circumstances. 

No one at Google is aware of your location 

When you choose a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for your website, the domain name alone is not sufficient for search engines to determine that your website and business are situated in a certain nation. 

On account of the fact that the abbreviation is a shorthand for anything else, some ccTLDs are utilised. One example would be some. When it comes to information technology domain names that are sold in the United States, the owners of the domain name frequently utilise them merely because they believed it was creative to put “it” at the end of the domain name. They probably did not intend to sell the website in Italy, which is the nation that is allocated the country code top-level domain (ccTLD). 

However, if you are a company that is utilising a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the manner in which it was created, you will be required to let search engines know that you are conducting business in the nation that is referenced in your domain. 

Discover Which Hosting Provider Is Best for You 

When it comes to hosting your website, the best option is often to do it within your own nation. It is important to note that search engines are aware of IP addresses; hosting your website on an IP address that is situated in your home country communicates to search engines that you are in fact located in that nation. 

Your website should be optimised for both your country and your language. 

It is possible to inform search engines that your website is, in fact, located in a specific nation or place by doing a number of different things, including the following: 

For each web page, the language should be specified 

You may set the language that appears at the top of each web page by using the lang property. Just one example: 

> <html lang=”fr”> 

Your web pages should have the relevant hreflang tag added to them 

It is a method of informing search engines that a specific web page is also accessible in a different language. This property is also known as the hreflang attribute. If your website is available in more than one language, this may be of use to you. Websites in Canada, for instance, are required to be available in both English and French according to provincial regulations. Websites written in French need to inform search engines that they are also available in English, and vice versa. This is necessary for both languages. The following is an illustration of the hreflang tag: 

A link with the rel=”alternate” attribute and the href=”” hreflang=”en-gb” /> 

More information on the correct application of hreflang may be found on the help website of Google. 

You should include the contact information for your firm on your website 

The proprietors of websites frequently omit to provide their entire firm name, address, email address, and phone number on their websites. It is possible that it will be displayed on the About or Contact page; nevertheless, it is preferred that it be included in the site’s bottom or sidebar. Not only should it be very easy for visitors to locate, but the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) should also be marked up with markup. Your contact information will not be shown differently as a result of this markup; but search engines will be able to recognise your NAP data, which is far more essential. 

You must not undervalue the significance of the content you provide 

When it comes to your website, content is really crucial, and any information that is created for your website has to be written in the language that your site visitors comprehend. There is a “slang” that is specific to each nation and language, which refers to the way some words are written. Therefore, if you are translating a website from English to French, for instance, you need make sure that the translations are done by a native speaker of the language they are translating from. The translations that are created by machines are not going to cut it. They could be erroneous or even insulting when taken out of context, which might be detrimental to your company. 

Don’t forget to include the appropriate citations and links 

It is a common practice for search engines to use links and citations as significant components of their algorithms. As a result, it is essential to have connections to your website from other websites that are suitable for both your website and the nation in where you are located. 

When it comes to local search engine results, such as those found on Google Maps, a citation, which is a mention of your company’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (also known as NAP), is also a powerful signal and ranking element. 

It is ideal for such links and citations to originate from websites that use the same country code top-level domain (ccTLD) as yours or from websites that are based in the same nation. This suggests that the traffic patterns are normal and suitable. In general, foreign connections, which are links to websites located in other countries, do not appear to be particularly natural. Instead of looking for connections that are not natural or acceptable, Google is seeking for links that are natural and appropriate. 

Try to simplify things for search engines 

When it comes to establishing a new website with a ccTLD domain name, it is essential to provide the search engines with all of the signs and information they want to demonstrate that you are based in a certain nation. In such case, your website can be lost in a set of search results that are difficult to understand, or it might not even show up at all. 

It is possible to confuse search engines by not being consistent with all online search indications, such as tags, language declarations, content, and NAP data. This can result in undesirable and perhaps devastating outcomes for both your website and your company. 


If you want to avoid having regrets about your decision to register a domain name, you should make sure that you have given careful consideration to the aforementioned considerations before you go ahead and register a domain name. It is not as if you will be forced to make a decision, but it is preferable to be well educated rather than to be misled or less informed, isn’t that, right?   

We hope that you have grasped the meaning of this article. It would be much appreciated if you could share any questions or concerns with us in the comments box below.   




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What Is The Importance of Backing Up Your Data On a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server, Pengertian dan Manfaatnya

There are numerous responsibilities and duties that entail hosting a website, and backing up your data is one of those responsibilities! When a business owner or individual hosts a website on a dedicated hosting server, it is implied that the website has a huge database and content. 

The websites that are very resource-intensive and content-heavy websites, choose dedicated servers from their web hosting services for hosting their websites. The reason: the abundance of resources and effectiveness. However, backups are as important as it gets in the hosting world! 

Importance of Back Up of Your Dedicated Server Hosting

  • The biggest advantage of your data backup is that it is a hedge against data loss. Data loss is a recurring issue in the web hosting industry, and data backup is the answer to this problem. Data loss can happen due to cyber crimes like data theft, data breaches, hacking, erasing or even human error. Regular data backups can help you avoid the potential risk of loss since it enables quick recovery!
  • It is a wall of protection against hackers. If the hackers manage to get into your system and change your credentials to something else, they can make changes to the content on the website. With regular data backups, you can manage to restore the information, content and media as it was before the hacking attack! 
  • It enables simplified migration from one web host to another. The migration process involves transferring the files and folders from one server to another, and some data might get lost in the process. You can manually transfer your data backup to the new server, use technical tools to do it or have the web hosting provider do it. Hence, your dedicated server backup is highly efficient in such procedures. 
  • Other benefits of data backups shine through at the time of website updates. They resolve compatibility issues after updates and changes, can resolve malware infections and, above everything, it is a really healthy security practice when it comes to web hosting. 

Dedicated Server Backup Solutions

There are four major types of data backups available for dedicated server hosting plans: full backups, incremental backups, mirror backups, and differential backups. Let us learn about the dedicated backup server solutions provided by service providers!

  • Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a way of data backup where you can save or duplicate the data on your website with the help of cloud computing. This can save your data from any kind of loss or theft due to human error or malicious activities online. Cloud backup is useful when you have limited data on your website or if you have a strong network. Although it is not a suitable type of backup for a dedicated server website, it surely is useful to save your data from unwanted attention and theft. 

  • cPanel Backup

cPanel is a web hosting software that allows access to the control panel of your web hosting server. If you install the cPanel software, you can enjoy a built-in provision for backing up your data. It is an extremely convenient way of duplicating the website data and content.

  • Acronis Cyber Backup

The most suitable kind of data backup solution for dedicated server websites is Acronis Cyber Backup. It is a highly scalable, efficient, and comprehensive solution for your data’s safety. It provides different locations on the server for your data to be saved. You can choose the location of storage as per your convenience and requirements. 

Wrapping Up

Understanding the importance of dedicated server backups is the key to getting to the strategy part of it. This means that in order to strategize your backups, you will have to understand why they are important. Using any of these three types of backup solutions, you can keep your data safe and secured within your server. Happy hosting!

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