Home Solar Panels And Residential Solar Systems

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Solar energy can bring more convenience to a home. Electricity is the one that makes the light and makes the appliances run at home. Which can bring convenience to people living in it. However, electricity bills are often stressful since they are expensive. Home solar panels and residential solar systems can give a solution to that. Using solar energy can reduce your bills. Get the most efficient solar power for residential use and see the changes in your monthly bills. 

What Is The Most Efficient Solar System For Home Use?

Solar panel brand and quality matter. Since it can affect the efficiency of solar panels. Solar panels have two kinds: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Monocrystalline has a higher efficiency compared with polycrystalline. Most popular solar providers would recommend this type of solar panel since it can guarantee efficiency despite being used for a long period of time. The efficiency of a solar panel is important since this can affect the output of the energy being produced. The size of the solar panel to be used should be determined by a solar technician, so they can determine if this is enough to produce energy to cover the needs of your home. 

How Much Solar Power Is Needed To Run An Average Home?

This depends on the computation that would be made by your solar provider. They can give a more accurate estimation and computation. They can do the inspection and give a quotation of the system that is suitable for your home. The following factors should also be considered when choosing solar panels for your home: 

Solar Panel Size

Solar comes in many sizes. Choose a size that can fit your roof and a solar provider who is expert enough at the solar panels on your roof and the corners of it. There are smaller solar panels that can be used to fit on smaller roofs. 

Solar Durability

If you want your solar panel to last longer, choose a durable one. Solar panels should be able to stand in any climate situation. For instance, snow and hail happen within a year and your solar panels should be protected and quality enough to withstand these elements. There are solar covers used to make it more durable. You can ask your solar providers to give you the best kind of solar panel. They may be more expensive, but they will be worth it. 

Warranty Periods 

There are two kinds of warranties given by solar companies: product warranty and performance warranty.  The product warranty covers the solar panel itself. If ever your solar panels have faults, they can be replaced. For the performance warranty, a solar panel’s efficiency should not decrease by less than 10 to 20% despite being used for 20 years. The average warranty a solar company can give is 10 years, while some can be a maximum of 25 years. Choose a company that can give 25-year warranties because this means they can guarantee their products will last that long. 

Is Residential Solar Energy Worth It?

Yes indeed, you might have to pay for a huge upfront cost, but you can get your return on investment in 5 to 7 years. The savings you have for that long can be equal to or even more than the money you spend on your solar panel. Besides, there are financial options you can choose from if you don’t want to pay for it in cash. Your solar providers can assist or recommend you to third parties who can help you to finance your solar panel purchase. 

Getting familiar with home solar panels and residential solar systems can make you decide better if you indeed need a solar panel system for your home. Shifting to solar energy can give you a lot of benefits. You can save a lot from your electricity bills and even contribute to making the environment have less pollution. In the future, most people will be using solar energy since they know the impact of going green on the recovery of the environment. Be a part of it by using solar panels. Contact your solar provider now and start planning on how to shift to solar energy, and you will not regret it.