What Is The Importance of Backing Up Your Data On a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server, Pengertian dan Manfaatnya

There are numerous responsibilities and duties that entail hosting a website, and backing up your data is one of those responsibilities! When a business owner or individual hosts a website on a dedicated hosting server, it is implied that the website has a huge database and content. 

The websites that are very resource-intensive and content-heavy websites, choose dedicated servers from their web hosting services for hosting their websites. The reason: the abundance of resources and effectiveness. However, backups are as important as it gets in the hosting world! 

Importance of Back Up of Your Dedicated Server Hosting

  • The biggest advantage of your data backup is that it is a hedge against data loss. Data loss is a recurring issue in the web hosting industry, and data backup is the answer to this problem. Data loss can happen due to cyber crimes like data theft, data breaches, hacking, erasing or even human error. Regular data backups can help you avoid the potential risk of loss since it enables quick recovery!
  • It is a wall of protection against hackers. If the hackers manage to get into your system and change your credentials to something else, they can make changes to the content on the website. With regular data backups, you can manage to restore the information, content and media as it was before the hacking attack! 
  • It enables simplified migration from one web host to another. The migration process involves transferring the files and folders from one server to another, and some data might get lost in the process. You can manually transfer your data backup to the new server, use technical tools to do it or have the web hosting provider do it. Hence, your dedicated server backup is highly efficient in such procedures. 
  • Other benefits of data backups shine through at the time of website updates. They resolve compatibility issues after updates and changes, can resolve malware infections and, above everything, it is a really healthy security practice when it comes to web hosting. 

Dedicated Server Backup Solutions

There are four major types of data backups available for dedicated server hosting plans: full backups, incremental backups, mirror backups, and differential backups. Let us learn about the dedicated backup server solutions provided by service providers!

  • Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a way of data backup where you can save or duplicate the data on your website with the help of cloud computing. This can save your data from any kind of loss or theft due to human error or malicious activities online. Cloud backup is useful when you have limited data on your website or if you have a strong network. Although it is not a suitable type of backup for a dedicated server website, it surely is useful to save your data from unwanted attention and theft. 

  • cPanel Backup

cPanel is a web hosting software that allows access to the control panel of your web hosting server. If you install the cPanel software, you can enjoy a built-in provision for backing up your data. It is an extremely convenient way of duplicating the website data and content.

  • Acronis Cyber Backup

The most suitable kind of data backup solution for dedicated server websites is Acronis Cyber Backup. It is a highly scalable, efficient, and comprehensive solution for your data’s safety. It provides different locations on the server for your data to be saved. You can choose the location of storage as per your convenience and requirements. 

Wrapping Up

Understanding the importance of dedicated server backups is the key to getting to the strategy part of it. This means that in order to strategize your backups, you will have to understand why they are important. Using any of these three types of backup solutions, you can keep your data safe and secured within your server. Happy hosting!

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